Have you found your favourate vintage dress?

jun yi

Posted on November 28 2017

Have you found your favourate vintage dress?

Are you trying really hard to find a perfect vintage dress? Today let laurajane to tell you how to choose a winter floral vintage dress.

Quoted by @laurajaneatelier " I have fully integrated dresses and skirts into my daily wardrobe and haven’t worn jeans or pants in weeks. I swear wearing fleece-lined tights with a dress is way warmer than a pair of jeans. I love this green floral dress for the winter because the color is a nice subtle earthy green that it perfect with a chunky cream cardigan or a vintage coat. I have been finding so many vintage coats lately it is insane. Every time I go on my weekly thrifting adventures I seem to find a new coat. I need to stop for now because I have found three vintage coats in the last month including the one I am wearing. I love the retro style of this one, and the fur collar is amazing. I love the idea of having a unique coat that no one else will have, and the craftsmanship is impeccable compared to modern fast fashion."

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