All You Need to Know About Plus Size Corsets Online This Season

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Posted on June 29 2022

All You Need to Know About Plus Size Corsets Online This Season

Corset sizes for natural waists up to and around 38′′ are available from most well-known OTR corset brands. But what if your waist circumference is greater than 50 inches? How about 60 inches? Full-figured women, too, deserve lovely Plus Size Corsets Online, and in this guide, I'll show you some of the companies and independent corsetieres that cater to them.

All of the companies listed below sell corsets that are greater than 38 inches. There are many more corsetieres than these that provide larger-sized corsets as custom commissions, and if you have your heart set on a particular corset maker, I recommend messaging or emailing them directly to see if they can meet your requirements.

Please keep in mind that some of these businesses will charge a premium for Plus Size Corsets Online, while others will not. If you have any questions regarding the corset companies listed below or their pricing policies, please contact them directly.

Corset Dress corsets have increased their sizing from 38′′ to 42" in underbust and 42" for special order overbust, up from 38′′ previously. Those with a natural waist size of up to 54′′ have been known to fit into these!

The Artemis corset is available in extended sizes from 16′′ to 44′′ closed waists despite the fact that this photo does not show a plus-size model for Plus Size Corsets Online.

The Artemis corset is designed to be a midpoint between my hourglass and Gemini corsets, allowing it to accommodate a larger range of curvy body types without requiring a 16-inch hip spring.

Corset Dress carries corsets in sizes up to 40′′, which are suited for natural waist sizes of up to 48′′ (if lacing the corset closed) or 50′′ (if lacing the corset open) (if worn with a lacing gap). The Lara is patterned to be somewhat more "scoop" like at the bottom front as the sizes go larger, for additional support of the lower tummy, while smaller sizes are slightly more pointed.

Every now and again, Corset Dress Corsets produces exclusive Plus Size Corsets Online, such as the overbust and underbust steel boned, which are only available in waist sizes 32-44′′. Corsets with ties at the hips and below the busk to contour around a round lower tummy and a high back to flatten the "muffin" are common.

For natural waist sizes 18′′ to 52′′, Corset Dress features a collection of silk and leather standard-sized corsets. She never charges more for larger sizes, and some of her silk cinchers in her close-out department are as inexpensive as $100. She caters to full-figured and difficult-to-fit customers in particular, and she frequently hires plus-size models for Plus Size Corsets Online to demonstrate the stunning silhouette they provide in all sizes.

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